TV Samples (available upon request)

  • ISO BALL (half-hour comedy) - An antisocial college basketball recruit with a penchant for trash talk on the court earns unwanted attention as the university’s first Asian-American star – much to the disappointment of his immigrant parents.

    • 2018 NYTVF Official Script Selection

    • 2019 Austin Film Festival Comedy Pilot Second Rounder

    • Recommended on the #WGAStaffingGrid - Patrick Meighan says: “A laugh on every page. This script was a genuine delight. I fucking dare you to read it and not love it.”

  • THE URGE (animated comedy) - In the small town of Quaintview, where the horror universe has come to life, a support group helps reformed villains lead normal, mundane lives while resisting the urge to kill again. 

  • HIGH MAINTENANCE - “Youth” (spec script)

Stuff I’m proud of:

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